The Los Angeles Breathmobile Program has received numerous awards during its existence.
The most recent awards and recognitions are listed below:
2008 Los Angeles County Top Ten Award and Million Dollar Club Award:
Awarded by the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors and the Quality and Productivity Commission of Los Angeles County. The Top Ten Award recognizes the top 10 programs of the 102 programs submitted for recognition in Los Angeles County. The award recognizes quality of work, enhancement of service to the citizens of Los Angeles, and impact on the county. The Million Dollar Club Award was received for verified cost savings, cost avoidance, and revenue generated over one million dollars in savings to the county.
2008 California Association of Public Hospitals /Safety Net Institute Quality Leader Awards:
This award recognizes programs within California’s public hospital systems that showcase unique and creative approaches to carry out their missions and address health care needs of the communities they serve.
2009 National Association of County Organizations:
This award recognizes the achievement of innovative programs that modernize county government and increase services to residents, highlighting the best of practices for programs across the nation.
2012 Jackson Healthcare National Charitable Hospital Services Award:
In November 2011, the Los Angeles Breathmobile was honored as a national award recipient.  The award recognized 10 of 197 nominated programs whose commitment to their community-whether defined locally, regionally, nationally, or globally-has led to innovative, sustainable and collaborative efforts to improve community health and increase access to healthcare education and services.  The award recognizes programs whose efforts go beyond the traditional definitions of “community benefit” and “free care” to identify and satisfy tangible community health needs.
2012 Monroe E. Trout Premier Cares Award:
The LAC+USC Breathmobile Program- The program was selected as one of six finalists nationwide.  The award is given each year to community agencies and health organizations that support people excluded from, or underserved by, the mainstream health delivery system.