Our goal is to bring specialty asthma care to the community to improve access for those who need it most.
The objectives of this program are to integrate existing community resources with disease management principles in order to:
  1. Deliver specialty asthma care to under-served children with asthma living in Los Angeles County.
  2. Improve public health resource utilization by a shifting care emphasis from acute episodic care to a preventative health care model.
  3. Demonstrate cost effective health care through a decrease in utilization of acute care costs related to asthma exacerbations.
The program’s success is measured in several ways- by the testimonials from our patients and their families, by our data analysis and by the replication of our program model across the country.

The patients with asthma who enroll and stay in the program have remarkable reductions in asthma symptom severity. They learn about the fundamentals of asthma – what asthma is, why medications are prescribed, what the medications do for the body, and how to manage asthma on a daily basis by using a tailor-made individualized asthma action plan.

The program’s biggest impact is improvements in quality of life for children with asthma and their families through the achievement and maintenance of asthma control. When a child does not have daily symptoms of asthma, asthma no longer limits their activity and their lung function returns to normal or near normal.