Eighty percent of patients achieve guidelines-defined “well-controlled” asthma by visit 3 to the program, with a 96% probability of achieving control by visit 6.
Overall, patients who have achieved control of their asthma symptoms are likely to maintain this status at 83% of their subsequent visits. Children who remain in the program for one year or longer report on average reductions of 68% in emergency department visits, 87% in hospitalizations, and 82% missed school days.
The Breathmobile program uses a clinical disease management tool, Asmatrax, that allows for real-time visit level recording of a patient’s asthma symptoms, impairment, risk, asthma control, prescribed medications, and other factors that impact asthma to improve patient care.

Morbidity Pre vs. Post Year of Entry
Among study patients who entered and received ongoing care (>=1year) in regions operating programs during the 5 year period (2002-2006)

Breathmobile Program Outcomes