Joint Commission Asthma Disease Specific Certification:

In 2002, The Los Angeles Breathmobile Program was certified by the Joint Commission as the first disease specific care program for any disease or program in the country. Since its original certification, the Breathmobile program has maintained disease specific certification for the maximal accreditation intervals.  The last Joint Commission review in March 2016 resulted again in maximal accreditation with no revisions for improvement and commendation from the site reviewer. The next accreditation visit is scheduled for the spring of 2018.

In addition to the stringent standards that the Joint Commission requires for routine operations, the asthma disease management components for asthma specific care also include the following measures:

  1. Percent of patients with Well-Controlled asthma by provider assessment
  2. Percent of patients with Well-Controlled asthma by guidelines- definitions (2007 NAEPP asthma guidelines)
  3. Percent of patients with persistent asthma who were prescribed a controller medication at their last visit.
  4. Percent of patients who receive an asthma action plan at each visit.

Program leadership reviews these and other productivity and quality measurements routinely with staff to improve asthma care for children and asthma outcomes, reducing asthma-related morbidities.